Sunday, 13 December 2009

Grand Slam Tennis Wii MotionPlus Video

Grand Slam Tennis from EA Sports uses the Wii MotionPlus accessory to give you total control over your tennis strokes.

Unlike Wii Sports tennis, Grand Slam Tennis lets you Spin your racket and control your in-game player with exact precision!

With 23 players and a Career mode, you'll be playing this for a long time to come!

Gladiator A.D. Wii MotionPlus game Preview

Gladiator A.D. is coming in 2010 and is bringing Ancient Gladiators to the nintendo Wii with added Wii MotionPlus!

Billed as a hybrid between 3D fighting games like Bushido Blade and boxing games like Fight Night, We're really looking forwards to playing this!

Split-screen multiplayer means you'll be able to fight with your friends in the gladatorial ring!

Get your wii accessories now so your ready for when the game comes out!

Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked Wii Videogame Promo


Turn up the heat with Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked, the only video game developed
with the Food Network Kitchens Executive Chefs. Utilizing the Wii™ motion control
capabilities, gameplay trains players in the proper movements and techniques required to
become an accomplished chef.

Players will learn as they play through fun and delicious recipe challenges that range
from breakfast to family meals and even dinner parties. Players looking to stir up the pot
can grab a few friends and have a cook off or work together to perfect their meals. Food
Network experts Susie Fogelson and Mory Thomas will help players hone their cooking
skills by offering tips, instruction and feedback.

Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked Wii MotionPlus Review

Food Network: Cook or Be Cooked Is a Wii MotionPlus game following in the footsteps of Cooking Mama.

Using the Wii MotionPlus for motion controls and with strategic planning you start each meal like you would in real life with basic preparations, chopping the vegetables, pouring everything into the mixing bowl, coating pans with oil.

All this is done with simple gestures, move the Wiimote with MotionPlus down as you would with a knife, tilt it in different directions as you would a pan with oil, twist it in circles as you would mix the ingredients.
All these controls are extremely easy with the MotionPlus, with it detecting how you move perfectly.

The timing system adds strategy to the game. Just like a normal meal, there are multiple dishes to be completed all of which should be served up hot and fresh.
When you make something in real life you need to plan ahead and pace how you cook so that everything is completed at the same time, who wants to eat cold food?
Cook or Be Cooked makes you invest in your meals so that you prepare everything perfectly and have watching those timers intensively.
You are also judged on your technique and measurements. How fast can you peel and dice the garlic, Did you cook the food to a perfect shade of brown?
With feedback from the 2 hosts you'll know where you went wrong.

By giving you scores for how well you do your job, even the most mundane tasks do not feel tedious. It is may a bit too intensive though as you even have the host telling you how fast you press the buttons on a microwave needs some work!
The rhythm mini challenge for adding pasta to boiling water is also seems unnecessary as it ruins your immersion into the game.

From simple Bacon and Eggs to gourmet food there is a large range of food to make, with appealing realistic graphics leaving you wishing the food was real.
Although they do cheat a little with their description of 30+ recipes, counting cooking the fried eggs and the bacon as 2 separate recipes!

Once you've learnt all the recipes there isn't much for you to go back to apart from the multiplayer levels.
You can work as a team or go head-to-head, 2 players can play by passing the controllers making this fun for all the family.

Cook or Be Cooked is a fun mixture of video game and recipe book, You may well be creating the food yourself in the future!

Academy of Champions (Wii) - E3 2009 Trailer Wii MotionPlus

Academy of Champions is a Wii MotionPlus game from Ubisoft.

From the E3 Trailer you can see that the game is a soccer / football game. It looks to be similar to Mario Strikers Charged.
This will be the first Soccer game to use the Wii MotionPlus
Find out more at the official site